AN44067A Datasheet – 37V, 2.5A, Microstepping Motor Driver

Part Number: AN44067A

Function: 37V / 2.5A, Microstepping Motor Driver

Package: 34 pin Plastic Small Outline Package With Heat Sink

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation


AN44067A datasheet



The AN44067A is a two channel H-bridge driver LSI. Bipolar stepping motor can be controlled by a single driver LSI.

2 phase excitation, half- step, 1-2 phase excitation, W1-2 phase excitation and 2W1-2 phase excitation can be selected.


1. Low Ron, High Current
2. Low EMI
3. Up to 2W1-2 Phase Excitation
4. 1CLK, Parallel Interface
5. Built-in decoder for micro steps
6. PMW can be driven by built-in CR
7. Built -in low voltage detection
8. 1 power supply with built-in 5 V power supply




1. Stepper Motor Driver Programming

2. LSI for stepping motor drives

Other data sheets are available within the file: AN44067


AN44067A Datasheet PDF Download

AN44067A pdf