AP8012 Datasheet – PWM Controller – AiT Semiconductor

Part Number: AP8012

Function: OFF Line SMPS Primary Switcher Green Power

Package: SOP 8, DIP 8 Type

Manufacturer: AiT Semiconductor Inc. ( www.ait‐ic.com )


AP8012 image


The AP8012 combines a dedicated current mode PWM controller with a high voltage power MOSFET on the same silicon chip.


  1. 85V to 265V wide range AC voltage input
  2. A 700v MOSFET on the same silicon chip
  3. Auto start up with high voltage current source
  4. PWM with current mode control
  5. 9v to 38v wide range VCC voltage
  6. Fixed 60KHz switching frequency
  7. Automatic skip cycle mode in low load condition.
  8. Over temperature, over current and over voltage protection
  9. Auxiliary under voltage lockout with hysteresis

AP8012 datasheet pinout


Other data sheets are available within the file: AP8012M8U, AP8012M8R, AP8012M8VU, AP8012M8VR

AP8012 Datasheet