APL5158 Datasheet – 150 mA, CMOS Low Dropout Regulator

Part Number: APL5158

Function: 1.2 V, 150 mA, CMOS low dropout regulator with power OK

Package: SOT-23-5 pin type

Manufacturer: Anpec Electronics


APL5158 datasheet



The APL5158 is a precise CMOS LDO with power ok function. The APL5158 offers 2% output accuracy over temp, and an ultra low ground current 60µA.

The power good function monitors the output voltage and indicates when an error occurs in the system (active low).In the event of an output fault such as over current, thermal shutdown, the power ok output is pulled low. The APL5158 also works with low-ESR output capacitors, reducing the amount of board space for power applications, critical in hand-held wireless devices. Key features include current-limit, thermal shutdown, fast transient response.


• Ultra low ground current : 60µA
• Low Dropout Voltage Regulator, 1.5V
• 150mA Load Current Capability
• Output Voltage Accuracy : ±2% Over Temp.
• Input Voltage Range of 2.7V to 6.0V
• Power Good (POK) Function
• Current Limit Protection
• Thermal Shutdown Protection
• Fast Transient Response
• Stability with low-ESR capacitors
• TTL Logic controlled enable input

Other data sheets are available within the file: APL5158-12BC-TR, APL5158-12BC-TRL


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