APL5508 Datasheet – Low Dropout Fixed Voltage Regulator

Part Number: APL5508

Function: 3.1 V, low IQ, low dropout 560 mA fixed voltage regulator

Package: SOT-23-3, SOT-89, or SOT-223 Type

Manufacturer: Anpec Electronics


APL5508 datasheet



The APL5508 / APL5508R / APL5509 / APL5509R is low-power and low dropout li near regulator, which operates in the rage of 2.7V to 6V input voltage and delivers up to 560mA output current. T ypical dropout voltage is only 600mV (typical) at 560mA output current. The IC regulator with low 60mA quiescent current is ideal for battery powered system appliances. The regulator is stable with a 4. 7mF cerami ccapacitor. The features of current-limit, short circuit current limit, and over-temperature protecti on protect the device against current over loads and over temperature.


• Low  Quiescent Current : 60mA (No load)
• Low  Dropout V oltage : 600mV (@560mA)
• Very Low Shutdown  Current : <  0.5mA
• Fixed  Output  V oltage  :  1.5V ~ 4.5V by Step 0.1V Increment
• Stable  with  Aluminum, T antalum, or  Ceramic Capacitors
• No  Protection  Diodes  Needed
• Built-In  Thermal  Protection
• Built-In  Current-Limit  Protection
• Controlled  Short  Circuit  Current  :  50mA
• Fast Transient Response
• Lead Free  and  Green  Devices  Available(RoHS  Compliant)

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