AR7242 Datasheet PDF – Network Processor – Atheros

Part Number: AR7242

Function : High Performance And Cost-Effective Network Processor

Package:  LQFP 128 pin Package

Manufacturer: Atheros Communications


AR7242 Network Processor


The Atheros AR7242 is a high performance and cost effective network processor for access point, router, and gateway applications.

It includes a MIPS 24Kc processor, PCI Express 1.1 host interface, integrated 10/100 Mbps
Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY, one RGMII port, one USB 2.0 MAC/PHY, and external memory
interface for serial Flash, DDR1 or DDR2 interface, an I2S audio interface, a high-speed
UART, and GPIOs that can be used for LED controls or other general purpose interface



AR7242 datasheet pinout



1. Integrated MIPS 24 K 32-bit processor operating at up to 400 MHz
2. 64 K instruction cache and 32 K data cache
3. Integrated 10/100 802.3 Ethernet LAN port and one RGMII port
4. 16-bit DDR1 or DDR2 memory interface supporting up to 400 M transfers per second


AR7242 Datasheet


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