AS5C4009LL Datasheet – 512K x 8, Ultra Low Power SRAM

Part Number: AS5C4009LL

Function: 512K x 8, Ultra Low Power SRAM

Package: DIP, SOJ, TSOP 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Austin Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts:

AS5C4009LL datasheet



The AS5C4009LL is organized as 524,288 x 8 SRAM utilizing a special ultra low power design process. ASI’s pinout adheres to the JEDEC standard for pinout on 4 megabit SRAMs. The evolutionary 32 pin version allows for easy upgrades from the 1 meg SRAM design. For flexibility in memory applications, ASI offers chip enable (CE) and output enable (OE) capabilities. These features can place the outputs in High-Z for additional flexibility in system design. This devices operates from a single +5V power supply and all inputs and outputs are fully TTL-compatible.

SRAM stands for Static Random Access Memory. It is a type of computer memory that is commonly used as cache memory for the processor. SRAM is a volatile memory, which means that it requires a constant supply of power to maintain the data stored in it. When power is turned off, the data in SRAM is lost.


1. Ultra Low Power with 2V Data Retention (0.2mW MAX worst case Power-down standby)

2. Fully Static, No Clocks

3. Single +5V ±10% power supply

4. Easy memory expansion with CE\ and OE\ options

5. All inputs and outputs are TTL-compatible

6. Three state outputs


Other data sheets are available within the file:

AS5C4009LLCW-55/883C, AS5C4009LLECJ-55/883C,


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