AT45D041-TC Datasheet PDF – 4-Mbit, Serial Flash Memory

Part Number: AT45D041-TC

Function: 4-Megabit,  5-volt only serial Data Flash Memory

Package: 28 Pin TSOP Type

Manufacturer: Atmel Corporation


AT45D041-TC datasheet



The AT45D041, AT45D041-TC is a 5-volt only, serial interface Flash memory suitable for in-system reprogramming. Its 4,325,376 bits of memory are organized as 2048 pages of 264 bytes each. In addition to the main memory, the AT45D041 also contains two data SRAM buffers of 264 bytes each. The buffers allow receiving of data while a page in the main memory is being reprogrammed.


1. Single 4.5V – 5.5V Supply
2. Serial Interface Architecture
3. Internal Program and Control Timer
4. Fast Page Program Time – 7 ms Typical
5. 80 μs Typical Page to Buffer Transfer Time
6. 10 MHz Max Clock Frequency
10. Hardware Data Protection Feature
11. CMOS and TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs
12. Commercial and Industrial Temperature Ranges

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AT45D041-TC pdf