AT49BV4096-15TI Datasheet – 4-M bit – Flash Memory – ATMEL

Part Number: AT49BV4096-15TI

Function : 4-Megabit 256K x 16 3-volt Only CMOS Flash Memory

Manufacturer: ATMEL Corporation


The AT49BV4096 and AT49LV4096 are 3-volt, 4-megabit Flash Memories organized as 256K words of 16 bits each. Manufactured with Atmel’s advanced nonvolatile CMOS technology, the devices offer access times to 120 ns with power dissipation of just 67 mW at 2.7V read.

AT49BV4096-15TI Datasheet

1. Low Voltage Operation
– 2.7V Read
– 5V Program/Erase
2. Fast Read Access Time – 120 ns
3. Internal Erase/Program Control
4. Sector Architecture
– One 8K Words (16K bytes) Boot Block with Programming Lockout
– Two 8K Words (16K bytes) Parameter Blocks
– One 232K Words (464K bytes) Main Memory Array Block

AT49BV4096-15TI Datasheet