ATN3580 Datasheet PDF – Chip, Fixed Attenuator Pad

Part Number: ATN3580

Function: Chip Attenuator, Fixed Attenuator Pads

Manufacturer: Skyworks Solutions

Image and Pinouts:

ATN3580 datasheet



The ATN3580 series of attenuator chips incorporates thin-film resistors on high-resistivity silicon to achieve precision attenuation, tight flatness and excellent return loss to 40 GHz. The design uses a balanced TEE resistive structure to assure broad bandwidth performance.

The thin-film technology offers improved power-handling capability in comparison to the traditional thick film printed attenuator.



1. Specified flat response to 40 GHz

2. Return loss > 16 dB to 40 GHz

3. Available at 1–10, 12, 15, 20, 30 and 40 dB

4. Power handling to 1 W CW

5. Rugged thin film silicon chips


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