ATSGA204A Datasheet PDF – Atmel Crypto Authentication

Part Number: ATSGA204A

Function: Atmel Crypto Authentication

Package: TSSOP, SOIC, UDFN 8 Pin

Manufacturer: Atmel Corporation, MicroChip

Image and Pinouts:

ATSGA204A datasheet



This is Crypto Authentication.


1. Secure Authentication and Validation Device

2. Integrated Capability for Both Host and Client Operations

3. Superior SHA-256 Hash Algorithm with Message Authentication Code (MAC) and Hash-Based Message Authentication Code (HMAC) Options

4. Best-in-class, 256-bit Key Length; Storage for Up to 16 Keys

5. Guaranteed Unique 72-bit Serial Number

6. Internal, High-quality Random Number Generator (RNG)

7. 4.5Kb EEPROM for Keys and Data

8. 512 bit OTP (One Time Programmable) Bits for Fixed Information



1. Secure Download and Boot

2. Ecosystem Control

3. Anti-cloning

4. Message Security

Other data sheets are available within the file: ATSGA204

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ATSGA204A pdf