AU6998SN PDF Datasheet – USB 2.0 Flash Disk Controller

Part Number: AU6998SN, AU6998

Function: USB 2.0 Flash Disk Controller

Package: LQFP 48, 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Alcor Micro ( )


AU6998SN pdf datasheet


The AU6998SN (embedded Crystal) USB 2.0 Flash Disk Controller is the best high performance solutions for MLC, TLC SDR/DDR NAND flash with multiple dies data flash. AU6998SN designs embedded crystal with Alcor’s patent and it has 72bit/1K BCH ECC engines to correct high error bits of new generation flash(2x/1x nm) and provide the well performance for TLC flash especial DDR flash.

AU6998 provides dual channel access and ISP (In-System Programming) technologies with Alcor’s patent, which are the most important features to allow manufacturers building high performance UFD easily and to have the flexibility of adopting different source of flash chips.


AU6998SN pinout


1. PCBs are pin compatible with AU69XX USB2.0 series

2. Integrated build-in Regulator

3. Integrated build-in Crystal with Alcor’s patent

4. 72bit/1K BCH ECC engines

5. Well performance in TLC DDR flash

6. Improved read performance reach 32MB/Sec

7. Integrates hardware DMA engine to tune up the operation performance

8. Low power operation with SDR/DDR flash

9. Supports software write protection

10. Support Auto Run function


AU6998SN PDF Datasheet