BA3918 Datasheet – Power Supply IC – Rohm

Part Number: BA3918

Function: System power supply for car stereo

Package: SIP 12 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ROHM Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts:

BA3918 datasheet



The BA3918 is a single-chip power supply IC for use in car audio systems. One 5.6V output for a microcontroller, three 8.7V outputs, and two outputs interlocked by BACKUP and ACC systems are built in.

Block Diagram :



1) All outputs except AMP and ANT use a PNP transistor with a low saturation voltage.

2) Output current limit circuit prevents damage to the IC due to short-circuiting.

3) Overvoltage protection circuit provides protection against surges from the ACC or BACKUP input.

4) Compact 12-pin POWER package allows large power dissipation.

5) Thermal protection circuit prevents heat damage to the IC.



1) Car audio systems


Other data sheets are available within the file: BA3915B, BA4900

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