BA7625 Datasheet – Video Signal Switcher ( PDF )

Part Number: BA7625

Function: Video signal switcher for AV amplifier

Manufacturer: ROHM Semiconductor


BA7625 datasheet



The BA7625 is a video signal switch that contains two five-channel analog multiplexers and wide-band 6dB amplifiers.It designed for use in video cassette recorders.

By simply adding transistor buffers to the outputs,it is possible to construct arecord / playback switch for two record / playback VCRs, and three video playback machines (eg.laser disk players).

Input switching and VCR record switching can be done independently. The device has sync-tip clamp inputs which are ideal for switching video signals.


1. 5-input / 3-output switches.

2. Sync-tip clamp inputs.

3. Built-in 6dB amplifiers.

4. 5V supply voltage.


1. AV amplifiers and video selectors

Other data sheets are available within the file: BA-7625


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