BD9897FS Datasheet – DC-AC Inverter Control IC – Rohm

Part Number: BD9897FS

Function: DC-AC Inverter Control IC

Package : SOP-A32 type

Manufacturer: Rohm ( )

Image :

BD9897FS Datasheet


・ 36V High voltage process
・ 1ch control with Full-Bridge
・ Lamp current and voltage sense feed back control
・ Sequencing easily achieved with Soft Start Control
・ Short circuit protection with Timer Latch
・ Under Voltage Lock Out
・ Mode-selectable the operating or stand-by mode by stand-by pin
・ Synchronous operating the other BD9897FS IC’s
・ BURST mode controlled by PWM and DC input
・ Output liner Control by external DC voltage

Structure : Silicon Monolithic Intergrated Circuit




Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta = 25℃)

Supply Voltage : VCC = 36 V
BST pin : BST = 40 V
SW pin : SW = 36 V
BST-SW voltage difference : BST-SW = 7 V


BD9897FS Datasheet PDF


Other data sheets are available within the file: BD9897