BIT3105 Datasheet – ZVS CCFL Controller ( PDF )

Part Number: BIT3105

Function: High Performance PWM Controller / 4.5V ~ 13.V Operation Voltage

Package: SOP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Beyond Innovation Technology


BIT3105 datasheet



BIT3105 integrated circuit provides the essential features for controlling CCFL in a small 20-pin package. New developed full bridge ZVS configuration provides a symmetry AC output and more than 85% efficiency to make it especially suitable for LCD backlight application.


1. Full Bridge Fixed Frequency ZVS Control

2. Built-in PWM Dimming

3. Open Lamp Latched Protection

4. High Voltage Rail-to-Rail Totem Pole Output

5. Low Power CMOS Process


1. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps system

2. Notebook Computer

3. Personal Digital Assistants

4. POS Terminal

Other data sheets are available within the file: BIT-3105

BIT3105 Datasheet PDF Download

BIT3105 pdf