BL8023 Datasheet PDF – Relay Driver Chip – Belling

Part Number: BL8023

Function: Bidirectional Drive Relay Chip

Package: DIP, SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: SHANGHAI BELLING ( )


BL8023 datasheet



The BL8023 is a relay dedicated driver chip designed for smart meter applications, which can directly drive commonly used 9V single-phase magnetic latching relays. It has the characteristics of large output current and low static power consumption, and can also be used in other fields such as pulse and level conversion.



1. The recommended safe working voltage is 5~25V

2. Pure MOSFET implementation, lower power consumption than ordinary BJT triode circuit, quiescent current <10nA

3. The input high-low conversion level is about 2.1V, compatible with various microcontrollers

4. The input terminals INA and INB have their own pull-down resistors of about 100K

5. Integrated high-speed freewheeling diode, with the function of clamping reverse voltage, which can cancel the TVS tube in general applications

6. The typical driving current is 100mA, and it varies according to the internal resistance of the relay coil itself (the driving current is equal to the power supply voltage divided by the combination of the internal driving resistance of the chip itself and the internal resistance of the relay coil)


Other data sheets are available within the file: BL-8023

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