BM1117 PDF – Adjustable and Fixed Voltage Regulator

Part Number: BM1117

Function: Adjustable and fixed voltage regulator

Package: SOT-223 and TO-252 Type

Manufacturer: Bookly Microelectronic

Images:BM1117 pinout datasheet


The BM1117 series of adjustable and fixed voltage regulators are designed to provide 1A output current and to operate down to 1V input-to-output differential. The dropout voltage of the device is guaranteed maximum 1.3V at maximum output current, decreasing at lower load currents. On-chip trimming adjusts the reference voltage to within 1% accuray. Current limit is also trimmed, minimizing the stress under overload conditions on both the regulator and power source circuitry. The BM1117 devices are pin compatible with other three-terminal SCSI regulators and are offered in the low profile surface mount SOT-223 package and in the TO-252 (DPAK) plastic package.



1. Three Terminal Adjustable or Fixed Voltages : 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.85V, 3.3V and 5.0V

2. Output Current of 1A

3. Operates Down to 1V Dropout

4. Line Regulation: 0.2% Max.

5. Load Regulation: 0.4% Max.

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BM1117 regulator

A voltage regulator is an electronic device that is used to maintain a constant voltage level, regardless of changes in load or input voltage.

It does this by adjusting the output voltage so that it remains within a specified range.

This helps to ensure that the voltage supplied to a device remains within the acceptable range, even under varying conditions such as changes in temperature or load.

They are essential components in many electronic systems to ensure reliable and safe operation.


1. High Efficiency Linear Regulators

2. Post Regulators for Switching Supplies

3. 5V to 3.3V Linear Regulator

4. Power Management for Notebook

5. Battery Chargers

6. Battery Powered Instrumentation

7. Active SCSI Terminators

BM1117 pdf regulator

BM1117 PDF Datasheet