BQ27425 Datasheet – System-Side Impedance Track Fuel Gauge

Part Number: BQ27425

Function: System-Side Impedance Track Fuel Gauge With Direct Battery Connection | Gas Gauge Battery

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


BQ27425 datasheet


The Texas Instruments bq27425 system-side LiCoO2 battery fuel gauge is an easy to configure microcontroller peripheral that provides fuel gauging for single-cell LiCoO2 battery packs.

The device requires minimal user configurations and system microcontroller firmware development for accurate fuel gauging.

• Battery Fuel Gauge for 1-Series LiCoO2 battery Applications

• Easy to Configure Battery Fuel Gauging Based on Patented Impedance Track™ Technology
– Models Battery Discharge Curve for Accurate State-of-Charge Report
– Automatically Adjusts for Battery Aging, Battery Self-Discharge, and
Temperature/Rate Inefficiencies
– Low-Value Integrated Sense Resistor(10 mΩ typical)

• Resides on System Main Board
– Works with Embedded or Removable Battery Packs
– Integrated LDO allows devices to be powered directly from battery pack

• Microcontroller Peripheral Provides:
– Accurate Battery Fuel Gauging
– Internal Temperature Sensor for Battery Temperature Reporting
– Configurable Level of State-of-Charge (SOC) Interrupts

• I2C for Connection to System Microcontroller Port

• Small 15-pin 2,69 × 1,75 mm, 0.5 mm pitch CSP package

• • • Battery Fuel (Gas) Gauge Products

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