BSBE1-701A Datasheet PDF – RF unit with Demodulator

Part Number: BSBE1-701A

Function: DM500S original ALPS Digital Tuner

Manufacturer: Alps Electric Inc


BSBE1-701A datasheet



DM500S exclusive original ALPS DVB-S digital tuner (tuner).  As we all know, a lot of being struck by lightning to all NIC chip high frequency ringing off the hook, or the head of the breakdown, it is because the machines are not the cottage circuit protection devices.  After the detection of good suggestions tuner pin data, if it is 0299B breakdown, causing 5V shorted to ground, long short circuit 5V power supply will also burn.  Continuing power of words, they might also burn slightly 12v power supply.


1. The performance of interruption resistance is strengthened by applying the direct conversion
system to IQ demodulator and adopting a trucking filter to RF portion.

2. Low Bit Error rate with Excellent phase noise and groupdelay.

3. Low power consumption by optimized RF design.

4. Horizontal mount, Vertical mount available.



1. Digital BS receiver, Set Top Box, VCR, PC, PVR

Other data sheets are available within the file: BSBE1701A

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BSBE1-701A pdf