BUF16821 Datasheet – Programmable Gamma-Voltage Generator

Part Number: BUF16821

Function: Programmable Gamma-Voltage Generator and VCOM Calibrator / HTSSOP-28 Package

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


BUF16821 datasheet


The BUF16821 offers 16 programmable gamma channels and two programmable V COM channels.
The final gamma and V COM values can be stored in the on-chip, nonvolatile memory. To allow for programming errors or liquid crystal display (LCD) panel rework, the IC supports up to 16 write operations to the on-chip memory.

The BUF16821 has two separate memory banks, allowing simultaneous storage of two different gamma curves to facilitate switching between gamma curves.

Other data sheets are available within the file:

BUF16821A, BUF16821AIPWPR, BUF16821B, BUF16821BIPWPR

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