C33725 Datasheet PDF – 45V, 500mA, NPN Transistor – NXP

Part Number: C33725

Package: TO 92 Type

Manufacturer: NXP, Philips, Fairchild

Function: 45 V, 500 mA, NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor

2SC33725 -> Correct Part Number: BC33725

The BC337-25 is Marked C33725.

C33725 datasheet


1. High current
2. Low voltage

Quick reference data

1. Collector-emitter voltage : Vceo = 45 V
2. collector current (DC) : Ic = 500 mA


1. General-purpose switching and amplification

C33725 Datasheet PDF Download

C33725 Datasheet
2SC33725 pdf

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