STK412-220 Datasheet PDF – 2-Channel AF Power Amplifier

Part Number: STK412-220, STK412-220A

Function: 2-channel AF Power Amplifier

Package: SIP 18 Pin type

Manufacturer: Sony

STK412-220 datasheet pinout


This is 80W x 2 channel, Class H, AF Power amplifer, THD = 0.8%.

The STK412-220 is a power amplifier integrated circuit (IC) produced by Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation. It is a hybrid IC that combines an analog power amplifier with a digital control circuit in one package. TheSTK412220 is designed for use in audio power amplification applications, such as audio systems in vehicles and home theater systems. It features high output power, low distortion, and good heat dissipation.

The STK412-000 series are class H audio power amplifier ybrid ICs that feature a built-in shift power supply circuit. These ICs provide high efficiency audio power amplification by controlling (switching) the supply voltage supplied to the power transistors according to the detected level of the input audio signal.


stk412-220a power amplifier


1. Channels : 2

2. Class : Power supply switching ( Class H )

3. Lead pitch (mm) = 2.54 mm

4. Po (W) = 80 W

5. THD(%) = 0.8 %

6. Vcc max (V) = +-65, Vcch max(Vccl) = ±42



STK413-220 Pinout:




stk412-220a datasheet pinout



1. Audio Equipment

STK412-220 Datasheet



STK412-150 Datasheet PDF

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CXA1145 Datasheet PDF – CXA1145M, RGB Encoder – Sony

Part Number: CXA1145M

Function : RGB Encoder ( Bipolar Silicon Monolithic IC )

Package: DIP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sony Corporation

CXA1145 Image


The CXA1145P, CXA1145M, CXA1145 encoder converts an analog RGB signal to a composite video signal. With its built-in circuit various pulses required for an encoder, composite video outputs are obtained just by inputting the composite sync and analog RGB signal.


1. Single power supply 5V

2. Low power consumption ( 110 mW )

3. Compatible both with NTSC and PAL systems

4. Built-in 75 Ohm driver

5. Built-in oscillator for subcarrier

6. External input of subcarrier is also possible

7. Built-in audio buffer circuit

Block Diagram :

CXA1145 Datasheet CXA1145P Pinout
Functions :

1. MTX circuit

2. R-Y, B-Y MOD circuit

3. Y/C MIX circuit

4. 75 Ohm driver for RGB, composite video and composite sync outputs

5. PAL ALT Circuit

6. BF generator

7. Half H killer circuit

8. Subcarrier oscillator

9. Audio buffer circuit


CXA1145 Datasheet PDF