CC2564 Datasheet – Bluetooth Controller ( PDF )

Part Number: CC2564

Function: CC256x Bluetooth and Dual-Mode Controller (Rev. D)

Package: RVM (76) Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


CC2564 datasheet



The TI CC2564 device is a complete Bluetooth BR/EDR/LE HCI solution that reduces design effort and enables fast time to market. Based on TI’s seventh-generation Bluetooth core, the CC256x device provides a product-proven solution that supports Bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode (BR/EDR/LE) protocols. When coupled with a microcontroller unit (MCU), the HCI device provides best-in-class RF performance.

TI’s power-management hardware and software algorithms provide significant power savings in all commonly used Bluetooth BR/EDR/LE modes of operation.

Advanced Power Management for Extended Battery Life and Ease of Design :

1. On-Chip Power Management, Including Direct Connection to Battery

2. Low Power Consumption for Active, Standby, and Scan Bluetooth Modes

3. Shutdown and Sleep Modes to Minimize Power Consumption


• Mobile Accessories

• Sports and Fitness Applications

• Wireless Audio Solutions

• Remote Controls

• Toys

• Test and Measurement


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CC2564 pdf

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