CD3313EO PDF Datasheet – Audio Processor

Part Number: CD3313EO, CD3313E0

Function: Digitally Controlled Quad Audio Processor

Package: SOP, DIP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Wuxi I-CORE Electronics

Images:CD3313EO pinout datasheet


This is Digitally controlled quad audio processor with tone and volume processing.

A digitally controlled quad audio processor is a device or system that allows for the manipulation and control of audio signals in a quadraphonic sound setup. It typically includes digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities and offers various features for audio routing, mixing, equalization, effects processing, and control.

CD3313 is an audio processing circuit with volume, tone (bass, treble), balance (left, right) and loudness (front, rear) controls, suitable for high-quality car receivers, audio players and high-fidelity audio systems . This circuit provides input gain selection and local loudness control. All controls are operated through a serial I2C bus that can be connected to a microcomputer; various AC amplitude-frequency characteristics can be set through the cooperation of an external resistance-capacitance network and an internal operational amplifier.


CD3313EO pdf


1. Contains input multiplexer

2. Three-way stereo signal input

3. Input gain can be set to best match various sources

4. Four-channel attenuation

5. Four channels can be controlled independently. Cut and boost balance and loudness in 1.25dB steps

6. Independent mute control function

7. All functions are controlled via serial I2C bus

8. With loudness control function

9. Volume control 1.25dB per level

10. Treble and Bass controls

12. Input and output can be matched with external equalizer and noise suppression circuit

CD3313EO PDF Datasheet