CD4093B-Q1 Datasheet – CMOS Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger

Part Number: CD4093B-Q1


Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


CD4093B-Q1 datasheet


The CD4093B consists of four Schmitt-trigger circuits. Each circuit functions as a two-input NAND gate, with Schmitt-trigger action on both inputs. The gate switches at different points for positive- and negative-going signals. The difference between the positive voltage (VP) and the negative voltage (VN) is defined as hysteresis voltage (VH)  The CD4093B is available in 14-lead small-outline plastic package (M96) and 14-lead thin shrink small-outline packages (PWR suffixes).


1. Qualified for Automotive Applications
2. Schmitt-Trigger Action on Each Input With No External Components
3. Hysteresis Voltage Typically 0.9 V at VDD = 5 V and 2.3 V at VDD= 10 V
4. Noise Immunity Greater Than 50%
5. No Limit on Input Rise and Fall Times
6. Standardized, Symmetrical Output Characteristics
7. 100% Tested for Quiescent Current at 20 V
8. Maximum Input Current of 1A at 18 V Over Full Package Temperature Range, 100 nA at 18 V and 25°C
9. 5-V, 10-V, and 15-V Parametric Ratings
10. ESD Protection Level Per AEC-Q100 Classification
− 2000-V (H2) Human-Body Model
− 200-V (M3) Machine-Model
− 1000-V (C5) Charge-Device Model


− Wave and Pulse Shapers
− High-Noise-Environment Systems
− Monostable Multivibrators
− Astable Multivibrators
− NAND Logic

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