CP2102-GM Datasheet – USB to UART Bridge Controller

Part Number: CP2102-GM

Function: USB to UART Bridge Controller

Package: 28-Pin QFN Type

Manufacturer: Silicon Laboratories


CP2102-GM datasheet



The CP2102-GM is a highly-integrated USB-to-UART Bridge Controller providing a simple solution for updating RS-232 designs to USB using a minimum of components and PCB space. The CP2102/9 includes a USB 2.0 fullspeed function controller, USB transceiver, oscillator, EEPROM or EPROM, and asynchronous serial data bus (UART) with full modem control signals in a compact 5 x 5 mm QFN-28 package.


1. Integrated USB transceiver; no external resistors required

2. Integrated clock; no external crystal required

3. Internal 1024-byte programmable ROM for vendor ID, product ID, serial number, power descriptor, release number, and product description strings
(1) EEPROM (CP2102)
(2) EPROM (One-time programmable) (CP2109)

4. On-chip power-on reset circuit

5. On-chip voltage regulator

6. 3.3 V output (CP2102)

7. 3.45 V output (CP2109)


Virtual COM Port Device Drivers :

1. Works with existing COM port PC Applications

2. Royalty-free distribution license

3. Windows 8/7/Vista/Server 2003/XP/2000


CP2102-GM Datasheet PDF Download

CP2102-GM pdf

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