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This is one of the control chip types.

Part Number: CR5228

Function: PWM Control Chip

Package: DIP-8L Type

Manufacturer: Chip Rail

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CR5228 datasheet pdf


The CR5228, CR522X is a current-mode, anti-flop PWM control chip with built-in high-voltage power MOSFET. It is suitable for full-voltage range offline flyback switching power supply within 5-18W. It has the advantages of high performance, low standby power consumption and low cost. Complete protection features are designed, including soft start, OTP, UVLO, OVP and clamp, OCP, OLP, And totem-pole output-driven high-clamp, etc., in particular, to deal with audio noise and FM interference. Chip built-in frequency jitter and totem-pole gate soft-drive technology can easily get good EMI performance. CR522X DIP-8L package,

1. CR5224 supports adapter applications within 12W, compatible with OB2353 / OB2354, CR6224

2. CR5228 support full voltage adapter within 15W applications, compatible with OB2358, CR6228

3. CR5229 supports full voltage adapter within 18W applications

CR5228 Pinouts :

CR5228 datasheet


1. Built-in 650V power switching MOSFET (CR5224 built-in 630V MOSFET)
2. Over temperature protection
3. Low starting current: 3uA (Typ)
4. Low operating current: 2mA (Typ)
5. Built-in soft start to reduce MOSFET stress
6. Built-in frequency jitter to improve EMI characteristics
7. Built-in ramp compensation circuit
8. 50KHz switching frequency


1. Regulation : Flyback
2. Max Pout (universal input) : 16 W
3. Max Output Power (230Vac input) : 20 W
4. Frequency : 50 KHz


1. Battery charger
2. Digital product adapter
3. VCR, SVR, STB, DVD, etc.
4. PC, TV auxiliary power supply
5. Open power supply

Application circuit :


Other data sheets are available within the file: CR5223, CR5224, CR5229


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