CS5211AGP Datasheet – Remote Encoding a Dedicated Circuit

Part Number: CS5211AGP

Function: CS5212 remote encoding a dedicated circuit

Package: DIP, SOP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Semico

Image :
CS5211AGP datasheet


This product is paired with a CS5212 remote encoding a dedicated circuit; used in automotive safety systems, garage control System, remote control fans, home security / automatic control systems, remote control toys, and industrial remote control and other fields. Its features are as follows:


1. Operating voltage: 3V ~ 15V
2. Up to 12 tri-state address pins or six-digit
3. suitable for RF (radio frequency) modulation transmit mode
4. has a very strong noise immunity
5. Very low power consumption

Other data sheets are available within the file: CS5211DGO

CS5211AGP Datasheet PDF

CS5211AGP pdf