CS8412 Datasheet PDF – Digital audio interface receiver

Part Number: CS8412

Function: Digital audio interface receiver

Pakcage : DIP 28 Pin

Manufacturer: Cirrus Logic


CS8412 datasheet




The CS8411/ CS8412 are monolithic CMOS devices which receive and decode audio data according to the AES/EBU, IEC 958, S/PDIF, & EIAJ CP-340 interface standards. The CS8411/12 receive data from a transmission line, recover the clock and synchronization
signals, and de-multiplex the audio and digital data. Differential or single ended inputs can be decoded. The CS8411 has a configurable internal buffer memory, read via a parallel port, which may be used to buffer channel status, auxiliary data, and/or user data.

• Monolithic CMOS Receiver
• Low-Jitter, On-Chip Clock Recovery 256×Fs Output Clock Provided
• Supports: AES/EBU, IEC 958, S/PDIF, & EIAJ CP-340 Professional and Consumer Formats
• Extensive Error Reporting – Repeat Last Sample on Error Option
• On-Chip RS422 Line Receiver
• Configurable Buffer Memory (CS8411)

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CS8412 pdf

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