CSC08A03100RGEK Datasheet – Thick Film Resistor Network

Part Number: CSC08A03100RGEK

Function: Thick Film Resistor Networks, Single-In-Line, Conformal Coated SIP

Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductors


CSC08A03100RGEK datasheet


• Isolated, bussed and dual terminator schematics available

• Body height: “A” profile = 0.195″ (4.95 mm) and “B” profile = 0.295″ (7.50 mm) standard; custom “C” profile = 0.350″ (8.89 mm) also available

• “A” profile standard in 4 thru 12 pins

• Thick film resistive elements

• Reduces total assembly costs

Other data sheets are available within the file:

CSC04, CSC04A, CSC04B, CSC05, CSC05A

CSC08A03100RGEK Datasheet PDF Download

CSC08A03100RGEK pdf