CSFB201 Rectifier – 50V, 2A, Recovery Rectifier Diode

Part Number: CSFB201

Function: 50V, 2A, SMD Super Fast Recovery Rectifier

Package: DO-214AA Type

Manufacturer: ComChip


CSFB201 datasheet


Reverse V oltage: 50 to 600 Volts Forward Current: 2.0 Amp RoHS Device

– Ideal for surface mount applications.

– Easy pick and place.

– Plastic package has Underwriters Lab.
   flammability classification 94V -0.

 -Super fast recovery time 35nS.

– Built-in strain relief.

– Low forward voltage drop.

Other data sheets are available within the file:

CSFB201-G, CSFB202-G, CSFB203-G, CSFB204-G

CSFB201 Datasheet PDF Download

CSFB201 pdf