CW7805, CW7805H PDF – 1.5A / 5V / Voltage Regulator

Part Number: CW7805, CW7805H

Function: 1.5A / 5V / Voltage Regulator

Manufacturer: ETC

Images:CW7805 CW7805H transistor


This is 1.5A, 5V, Voltage Regulator. It is commonly used to regulate and provide a consistent power supply to various electronic components or devices that require a 5V power source.

The CW78 series are monolithic integrated voltage regulators with fixed positive voltage output. There are 9 types of output voltage from 5V to 24V. The maximum output voltage deviation within the nominal voltage value is ≤±5%.

The maximum output current of CW7805 is 1.5A. The circuit has protection circuits for overcurrent, overheating and regulating tube safe working area, and only guarantees the safe operation of the circuit within the range of ‘maximum allowable input voltage.


CW7805 pdf datasheet CW7805H

Voltage regulators are widely used in a variety of electronic applications, including power supplies, battery chargers, microcontrollers, digital circuits, and other devices that require a stable 5V power source.

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CW7805 PDF Datasheet