CX8824 Datasheet PDF – 5V, 2.4A, DC-DC Converter

Part Number: CX8824

Function: 5V, 2.4A, DC-DC Converter

Package: SOP-8L type Pin Type

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Cheng Xin Wei ( )


CX8824 datasheet pdf


The CX8824 is a step-down DC-DC converter with an input voltage up to 32V and capable of achieving precise constant voltage and constant current.

The device has built-in 50mΩ High-side PMOS and 30mΩ Low-side NMOS, which can support 2.4A continuous output current.

The IC has high performance load response and input voltage response capability, while precise constant voltage and constant current control loops achieve extremely small load regulation and line regulation.

CX8824 is a simple application, excellent performance, stable and reliable constant voltage and constant current step-down DC-DC converter.


CX8824 pinout

1. Vout

2. Nc


4. VIN

5. 6 SW

7.8 GND


1. Cost-effective car charger solution

2. Input withstand voltage up to 32V

3. Built-in 50mΩ High-side PMOS

4. Built-in 30mΩ Low-side NMOS

5. Can support 2.4A continuous output current

6. Built-in high-precision constant current and constant voltage control loop

7. Constant current accuracy ±5%

8. Constant pressure accuracy ±2%

9. No external compensation required

10. 135k Hz fixed switching frequency

11. Cable Compensation Voltage Drop

12. Ultra-simple application circuit


Other data sheets are available within the file: CX-8824



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