CXA8038P PDF – Resonance Mode Switching Regulator

Part Number: CXA8038P

Function: Resonance Mode Switching Regulator

Pinouts: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sony


CXA8038P datasheet pinout


The CXA8038P is Resonant Mode Switching Regulator. A Resonant Mode Switching Regulator is a type of power electronic circuit used to efficiently regulate and convert electrical power between different voltage levels. It combines aspects of both traditional switching converters and resonant circuits to achieve high efficiency and reduced switching losses.


CXA8038P datasheet

Resonant mode switching regulators offer advantages in terms of efficiency and reduced electromagnetic interference, making them well-suited for various power conversion applications, especially those that require high power density and high-frequency operation.


1. Power supplies for computers, servers, and data centers.

2. Battery chargers for electric vehicles.

3. Renewable energy systems (solar inverters, wind turbine converters).

4. High-frequency induction heating.

5. High-voltage applications (such as medical imaging equipment).

CXA8038P PDF Datasheet

CXA8038P pdf