D20 Micromodule – General Information for Packaging – ST

Part Number: D20

Function : Memory Micromodules General Information for D1/ D2 and C Packaging

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics




Memory Cards consist of two main parts: the plastic card, and the embedded Micromodule (which, in turn, carries the silicon chip). The plastic card is made of PVC, ABS or similar material, and can be over-printed with graphics, text, and magnetic strips. The Micromodule is embedded in a cavity in the plastic card. The Micromodules are mounted on Super 35 mm metallized epoxy tape, and are delivered on reels. These contain all of the chips from a number of wafers, including those chips that were found to be non-functioning during testing. Traceability is ensured by a label fixed on the reel.



1. Micromodules were developed specifically for embedding in Smartcards and Memory Cards

2. The Micromodule provides:
(1) Support for the chip
(2) Electrical contacts
(3) Suitable embedding interface for gluing the module to the plastic package

3. Physical dimensions and contact positions compliant to the ISO 7816 standard

D20 Micromodule