DDA010 PDF – PWM Controller – ICE2QR0665 ( Datasheet )

A Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller is an electronic control device used in the design of power supplies to efficiently convert electrical energy from one voltage level to another. These controllers are commonly used in various electronic devices and power management applications to provide a stable and regulated power output.

Part Number: DDA010, ( = ICE2QR0665 )

Function: Off-Line SMPS Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Infineon


DDA010 image


The DDA010 is Off-Line SMPS Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller with integrated 650V.

The CoolSET-Q1 series (ICE2QRxx65) is the first generation of quasi-resonant integarted power ICs. It is optimized for off-line switch mode power supply applications such as LCD monitor, DVD R/W, DVD Combo, Blue-ray DVD, set top box, etc. Operting the MOSFET switch in quasi-resonant mode, lower EMI, higher efficiency and lower voltage stress on secondary diodes are expected for the SMPS. Based on the BiCMOS technology, the CoolSET-Q1 series has a wide operation range (up to 25V) of IC power supply and lower power consumption.



1. 650V avalanche rugged CoolMOS with built-in startup cell

2. Quasiresonant operation till very low load

3. Active burst mode operation for low standby input power (< 0.1W)

4. Digital frequency reduction with decreasing load for reduced switching loss

5. Built-in digital soft-start

6. Foldback point correction and cycle-by-cycle peak current limitation


DDA010 pdf pinout


DDA010 PDF Datasheet