DE37-102M PDF – Power Supply Line and Communication Line

Part Number: DE37-102M

Function: 1000V, Power Supply Line and Communication Line

Package: Axial Type

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Images:DE37-102M pdf datasheet


The DE37-102M series surge absorbers have a 5mm pitch and are ideal for power lines and communication networks. This compact device can handle surges of up to 1500A(8/20μsec.) and is available in several voltages ranging from 300V to 500V.The 400V part meets the standard for ADSL POTS* splitters: ITU-T(International Telecommunication Union test standard) K.20 and K.21 Basic Test Condition, and has already received good response from both service providers and home users in ADSL splitters.


1. The 5mm pitch; radial taped parts can be mounted using automatic insertion equipment.

2. Also available in axial taping (the glass tube can be mounted flat using automatic insertion equipment).

3. Can be used on megabit class high speed without attenuation of signal due a capacitance value of less than 1pF.

4. Superior surge response characteristics due to microgap technology.

5. High insulation resistance of over 100MΩ.



DE37-102M PDF Datasheet