DIR9001 Datasheet – 24-Bit Digital Audio Interface Receiver

Part Number: DIR9001

Function: 96-kHz, 24-Bit Digital Audio Interface Receiver

Package: 28-TSSOP Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


DIR9001 datasheet


The DIR9001 is a digital audio interface receiver that can receive a 28-kHz to 108-kHz sampling-frequency, 24-bit-data-word, biphase-encoded signal.

The IC complies with IEC60958-3, JEITA CPR-1205 (Revised version of EIAJ CP-1201), AES3, EBUtech3250, and it can be used in various applications that require a digital audio interface.

The device supports many output system clock and output data formats and can be used flexibly in many application systems. As the all functions which the DIR9001 provides can be controlled directly through control pins, it can be used easily in an application system that does not have a microcontroller. Also, as dedicated pins are provided for the channel-status bit and user-data bit, processing of their information can be easily accomplished by connecting with a microcontroller, DSP, etc.



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