DR-435 Datasheet – 35W, FM Mobile/Base Unit ( PDF )

Part Number: DR-435

Function: EMKIII 35W FM Mobile/Base unit

Manufacturer: Alinco inc


DR-435 datasheet



1. Revised NEW circuit to be compliant to RoHS/Lead-free order in EU.
2. Voice-only FXE-version available (European model only, EJ-41U/47U not usable).
3. EJ-41U internal TNC board is available as an option for 1200/9600bps packet
4. 35 watts, H/M/L power settings
5. 100 memory channels
6. Front panel data port
7. Rear panel DSUB9 computer connection
8. No need to remove mic for packet operation
9. Ignition key on/off feature
10. CTCSS, DCS encode+decode, DTMF encode and Tone-burst are all standards
11. Clean, clear Alinco audio
12. Super-wide 7 character alphanumeric display
13. Wide and narrow FM modes (16K0 & 8K50F3E)
14. Theft alarm feature
15. A large, palm-fitting commercial-grade backlit microphone with a metal connector (not a modular plug) as well as direct frequency input and direct multi-function access such as monitor, call channel, power setting, memory to VFO plus more!
16. Stays in mode you select (voice/packet) through power off cycles
17. Ten autodial memories

Official Homepage: http://www.alinco.com/Products/ham/mbl/DR-435/

Other data sheets are available within the file: DR-135T/E, DR-235T, DR-435T, DR-435T/E


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DR-435 pdf