DRV8308 Datasheet PDF – Brushless DC Motor Controller

Part Number: DRV8308

Function: Brushless DC Motor Controller

Package: 6x6mm, QFN Package, 0.5-mm Pitch

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Image and Pinouts:

DRV8308 datasheet



The DRV8308 device is a three half-bridge pre-driver that drives up to 130 mA to six N-type MOSFETs with a single power supply. Aimed at sensored three phase brushless DC motors, this pre-driver includes configurable a digital speed loop, speed controls, and commutation modes to optimize motor performance.

When properly tuned, the DRV8308 device can drive motors with less than 0.1% cycle jitter and fast torque compensation. The integrated digital speed loop allows the motor to
maintain speed under variable loads with programmable gain and loop filters. The adjustable
slew rates can also lower the switching noise and improve EMC.


1. Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Controller
(1) Digital Closed-Loop Speed Control with Programmable Gain and Filters

2. Drives 6 N-Channel MOSFETs With Configurable 10- to 130-mA Gate Drive

3. Integrated Commutation from Hall Sensors
(1) Timing Can Be Advanced/Delayed



1. Industrial Pumps, Fans, and Valves

2. White Goods

3. Power Tools and Lawn Equipment



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