DT1608 PDF – SMT Power Inductor ( Datasheet )

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) power inductors, also known as surface mount power inductors or SMT inductors, are electronic components designed for use in printed circuit boards (PCBs) in surface mount applications. These inductors are used to store and release energy in the form of a magnetic field and are particularly important in electronic circuits where voltage regulation, filtering, and energy storage are required.

Part Number: DT1608

Function: SMT Power Inductor, DT1608 Series

Package: Shielded Surface Mount

Manufacturer: Coilcraft ( https://www.coilcraft.com/ )

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We will continue to manufacture and support the DT1608 indefinitely, however for new designs, we recommend the LPS4018 as an alternative. The LPS4018 series is more cost effective, features better current handling and is considerably smaller.

The Coilcraft DT1608 Series represents the ultimate in cost-effective, miniature power inductors. The DT Series is magnetically shielded and the materials used provide natural heat sinking. This allows these parts to be used at relatively high currents. Even at 150% of rated current, the temperature rise is less than 15°C. Because of their “swinging” inductance vs current characteristics, the DT1608 Series can be used as ultra high L inductors at zero or low current.

Odering Informations:

DT1608C-102 DT1608C-152 DT1608C-222 DT1608C-332 DT1608C-472

DT1608C-682 DT1608C-103 DT1608C-153 DT1608C-223 DT1608C-333

DT1608C-473 DT1608C-683 DT1608C-104 DT1608C-154 DT1608C-224

DT1608C-334 DT1608C-474 DT1608C-684 DT1608C-105


1. High performance in low profile

2. High energy storage and low DC resistance

3. Magnetic shielding allows high-density mounting

DT1608 datasheet

DT1608 PDF Datasheet