DV2954S1 Datasheet – On-Board PNP Switch-Mode Regulator

Part Number: DV2954S1

Function: Control of On-Board PNP Switch-Mode Regulator with Low-Side Current Sensing

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


DV2954S1 datasheet


The DV2954S1L Development System provides a development environment for the bq2954 Lithium Ion Fast Charge IC. The DV2954S1L incorporates a bq2954 and a buck-type switch-mode regulator to provide fast charge control for 1 through 4 Li-Ion cells.

Fast charge is preceded by a pre-charge qualification period.


1. Fast charge termination occurs on:
2. Minimum current – IMAXdivided by 10, 15, or 20
3. Maximum time-out

The bq2954 can be reset and a new charge cycle started by applicaton of power to the board or battery replacement. The board automatically initiates a recharge when the battery voltage drops to 3.85V per cell.

Other data sheets are available within the file: DV2954, DV2954S1L

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