ECC83 PDF Datasheet – Double Triode (Preamp Vacuum Tube)

This post explains for the Triode Vacuum Tube.

The term “A.F. Double Triode” likely refers to a type of electronic component known as a double triode tube or valve. A triode is a type of vacuum tube (also called a thermionic valve) that has three electrodes: a cathode, an anode (plate), and a control grid. Triodes were widely used in early electronic circuits for amplification, oscillation, and signal processing.

The “A.F.” in “A.F. Double Triode” likely stands for “audio frequency,” indicating that this type of double triode tube was designed for use in audio frequency applications. Double triodes contain two separate triode sections within a single tube envelope, and they were often used in audio amplifiers and other audio-related circuits.

The Part Number is ECC83.

The function of this semiconductor is Preamp Vacuum Tube.

Manufacturer: Ei-RC


ECC83 datasheet tube


The ECC83 high impedance amplifier triode was designed specifically for audio use and has a high amplification factor of 100. Mullard describe the ECC83 as a high μ double triode, having separate cathodes, primarily intended for use as a resistance-coupled amplifier or phase inverter.
This valve is still found in todays designs of hi-fi audio amplifiers

“Ei-RC” – Electronic tubes factory ECC83/12AX7 ECC83 is A.F. Double Triode Data Sheet Page 1 of 4

Quick reference data:

• Anode current Ia=1,2mA

• Transcoductance S=1,6mA/V

• Amplification µ=100


Heating is indirect by AC od DC, with serial or parallel supply.

Heater voltage Heater current pins Vf 6,3 12,6 (V) If 300 150 (mA) 9-(4+5) 4-5 Telephone: FAX: Postal address: Electronic mail: Web site: +381 18 550 741 +381 18 550 806 Bul. Sv. Cara Konstantina 80-86, 18000 Nis, Yugoslavia “Ei-RC” – Electronic tubes factory ECC83/12AX7 Dimensions and connections Base: Noval Data Sheet Page 2 of 4 Typical characteristics and operating conditions Anode voltage Grid voltage Anode current Transconductance Amplification Internal resistance Va 100 250 (V) Vg -1 -2 (V) Ia 0,5 1,2 (mA) S 1,25 1,6 (mA/V) µ 100 100 Ri 80 62,5 (kΩ) Telephone: FAX: Postal address: Electronic mail: Web site: +381 18 550 741 +381 18 550 806 Bul. Sv. Cara […]

ECC83 pdf tube

ECC83 PDF Datasheet



ECC83 VS 12AX7 Datasheet