EM84520BP Datasheet PDF – Scrolling Mouse Controller

Part Number: EM84520BP

Function: 2-in-one Scrolling Mouse Controller

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ELAN Microelectronics

Image and Pinouts:

EM84520BP datasheet


The EM84520BP Scrolling Mouse Controller is specially designed to control serial mouse or PS/2 mouse device. This single chip can interface three key-switches and 4 X-Y photo-couples plus Z-axis directly to RS-232C or 8042 controller. There are four types Z-axis inputs used to implement scrolling mouse functionality.


1. Using 50kOhm ±1% resistor for RC oscillation.

2. Compatible with legacy PS/2 mouse.

3. Compatible with Microsoft serial scrolling mouse.

4. Compatible with Microsoft PS/2 scrolling mouse.

5. Serial or PS/2 port auto-detect.

6. 100 bytes PnP ID code could be filled by code layer.

7. Built-in noise immunity circuit.

8. The sampiling rate of motion detector is up to 65KHz.

9. Built-in three zener diodes : one in VDD to VSS, two in RTS to VDD.

10. CMOS push-pull RXD output.

11. Built-in current comparator for photo-couples input.

12. Built-in three step dynamic input impedance.

13. Three key-switches and four photo-couples inputs.

14. RTS debouncing circuit included.

15. Photo couple test mode included.

16. Low power dissipation.

17. Six types Z direction input


1. Serial PnP scrolling mouse.

2. PS/2 scrolling mouse.

3. Combo PnP scrolling mouse

Other data sheets are available within the file: EM84520, EM84520AP, EM84520CP, EM84520DP

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