EPVP6200 Datasheet – VFD Controller, QFP-52 ( PDF )

Part Number: EPVP6200

Function: VFD Controller ( Vacuum Fluorescent Display )

Package: QFP-52 Type

Manufacturer: Elan Microelectronics Corp


EPVP6200 datasheet


The EPVP6200 is an 8-bit RISC type vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) controller equipped with low power consumption and high speed CMOS technology. This integrated single chip features on_chip watchdog timer (WDT), one time programming ROM (OTP), data RAM, programmable real time clock/counter, internal interrupt, power down mode, built-in four-wire SPI, IR detector, and high voltage output for VFD application.





1. Clock source:Crystal Oscillator

2. Crystal Oscillator (32.768KHz): with a external crystal

3. 8k x 13 on chip Program ROM.

4. 256 x 8 on chip data RAM

5. 144 x 8 general purpose registers

6. 16 level stack for subroutine nesting

7. 1 channel 16-bit counter: COUNTER2

8. On-chip watchdog timer (WDT)

9. Four operation modes


1. VFD controller

Other data sheets are available within the file: EPVP-6200, PVP6200

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