EXC-CL4532U1 Datasheet – 115Ohm, 100MHz Ferrite, Chip Bead Core

Part Number: EXC-CL4532U1

Function: 115Ohm, 100MHz Ferrite, Chip Bead Core

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation


EXC-CL4532U1 datasheet



1. Effective noise suppression for power lines and high speed signal lines
2. Easy pattern layout on PC Board Type: EXCCL, EXCML
3. Low DC Resistance 3 to 8 m typical: Rated current (3 and 4 Amperes) (type: EXCML)
4. Low impedance Type: EXC3B
5. High impedance for high speed signal line noise
6. Increased attenuation
7. 60 -1 A, 120 -0.5 A are achieved by using 1608 size (type: EXC3BP)

Other data sheets are available within the file: EXC-3BB102H, EXC-3BB221H, EXC-3BB601H, EXC-3BP121H

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