FAN4810M Datasheet – Power Factor Correction Controller

Part Number: FAN4810M

Function: Power Factor Correction Controller

Package: SOIC 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor


FAN4810M datasheet


The FAN4810 is a controller for power factor corrected, switched mode power supplies. The FAN4810 includes circuits for the implementation of leading edge, average current, “boost” type power factor correction and results in a
power supply that fully complies with IEC1000-3-2 specification.


• TriFault Detect™ for UL1950 compliance and enhanced safety
• Slew rate enhanced transconductance error amplifier for ultra-fast PFC response
• Low power: 200μA startup current, 5.5mA operating current
• Low total harmonic distortion, high PF
• Average current, continuous boost leading edge PFC
• Current fed gain modulator for improved noise immunity
• Overvoltage and brown-out protection, UVLO, and soft start
• Synchronized clock output

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