FAN4822 Datasheet – Current PFC Controller ( PDF )

Part Number: FAN4822

Function: ZVS Average Current PFC Controller

Package: DIP 14 Pin, SOIC 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor


FAN4822 datasheet

1 (1) VEAO Transconductance voltage error amplifier output.
2 (2) IEAO Transconductance current error amplifier output.
3 (3) ISENSE Current sense input to the PFC current limit comparator.
4 (4) IAC PFC gain modulator reference input.
5 (5) VRMS Input for RMS line voltage compensation.
6 (6) RTCT Connection for oscillator frequency setting components.
7 (7) ZV SENSE Input to the high speed zero voltage crossing comparator.
8 (10) GND Analog signal ground.
9 (11) PWR GND Return for the PFC and ZVS driver outputs.
10 (12) ZVS OUT ZVS MOSFET driver output.
11 (13) PFC OUT PFC MOSFET driver output.
12 (14) VCC Shunt-regulated supply voltage.
13 (15) REF Buffered output for the internal 7.5V reference.
14 (16) FB Transconductance voltage error amplifier input


The FAN4822 is a PFC controller designed specifically for high power applications. The controller contains all of the functions necessary to implement an average current boost PFC converter, along with a Zero Voltage Switch (ZVS) controller to reduce diode recovery and MOSFET turn-on losses.


• Average current sensing, continuous boost, leading edge PFC for low total harmonic distortion and near unity power factor

• Built-in ZVS switch control with fast response for high efficiency at high power levels

• Average line voltage compensation with brownout control

• Current fed gain modulator improves noise immunity and provides universal input operation

• Overvoltage comparator eliminates output “runaway” due to load removal

• UVLO, current limit, and soft-start

• Precision 1.3% reference

Other data sheets are available within the file: FAN4822IM, FAN4822IN


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