FKP1-680 Datasheet – Polypropylene (PP) Capacitor

Part Number: FKP1-680

Function: Film Capacitors 680pF 1.6KV 5%

Manufacturer: WIMA

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FKP1-680 datasheet



Polypropylene (PP) Capacitors for Pulse Applications with Metal Foil Electrodes, Schoopage Contacts, Double-Sided Metallization and Self-Healing Internal Series Connection for Highest Current Carrying Capability PCM 15 mm to 37.5 mm

For high pulse and high frequency applications e.g.

1. Switch mode power supplies
2. Converters in drives and power electronics
3. Deflection systems in monitors and TV-sets
4. Electronic ballasts

Other data sheets are available within the file: FKP1J011004B00, FKP1J011504B00, FKP1J012204B00, FKP1J013304B00

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