FLB0275 PDF Datasheet – General-purpose LP (Low-Pass) Filter

A general-purpose LP (Low-Pass) filter is an electronic filter designed to allow signals with frequencies below a certain cutoff frequency to pass through while attenuating or blocking signals with frequencies above the cutoff frequency.

Part Number: FLB0275

Function: General-purpose LP (Low-Pass) Filter

Manufacturer: Faraday Technology

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FLB0275 is general-purpose LP (Low-Pass) filter. This range of 7-pole Elliptical Function Low Pass Filters is derived from a well proven, versatile design for high transparency applications but is offered in a reduced size. The filters are corrected for Group Delay beyond the passband edge (104%) thus minimising time domain ringing and for loss distortion over the entire passband. Degradation of a composite video signal is minimal when a 4.5 MHz or 5.5 MHz filter is selected for a 525 or 625 line T.V. system.

Ordering Code :

FLB0275 FLB0300 FLB0350 FLB0400 FLB0450 FLB0500 FLB0550 FLB0600 FLB0650 FLB0700 FLB0750 FLB0800 FLB0850 FLB0900 FLB0950 FLB1000 End of Passband MHz Start of Stopband MHz Group Delay Ripple ns

Filters with other end of passband frequencies within the range can be supplied at no extra cost.

FLB0275 pdf pinout

General-purpose low-pass filters are widely used in audio applications, communication systems, image processing, sensor data conditioning, and many other areas where filtering out high-frequency noise or unwanted components is necessary. The choice of filter design and parameters depends on the specific requirements of the application and the desired trade-offs between characteristics like roll-off slope, phase response, and group delay. […]


FLB0275 PDF Datasheet